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SBC Dedicated Internet Service


Gone are the days when internet was only meant to write emails to friends and family. Today, business runs on internet and so the quality DOES matter!

SBC not only stands out in its sophistication of professional business services, but we do invest heavy on Technology. Running state of the art in house data center with Cisco Switches, Routers and DELL Servers, we make sure you get nothing but the best in IT & Telecom.

With Serene Business Centers, you get multiple choices for global connectivity

Connectivity Options

  • Broadband Internet Service with Private VLAN for Single User
  • Broadband Internet Service with Private VLAN for Multi Users
  • Dedicated Internet Services with Rate Limiting (up to 100MB link to Internet cloud)
  • Static Global IP Address under Private VLAN for Server Hosting and Remote Access
  • WiFi Access with roaming throughout the facility under your Private VLAN using Cisco AironetTechnolgy
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Facility to remotely browse your local network securely

Security & Network Audit

SBC network runs on stringent IT Policy that restricts the internet usage throughout the network to secure the connectivity from outside threat. We run Cisco Firewalls to intercept any threats that can affect your valuable PCs and Data.

We run a constant network audit to ensure the integrity of our network is not compromised and prompt measures are taken to keep the network online. Continuous RTG Graphs are maintained to observe the data movement and bottlenecks and to address them promptly.

If you are serious about using the Technology then we are serious about delivering it. No matter how complex your requirement is or bandwidth hungry your application is, we can customise something for you.

Our Philosophy

We at serene believe that no matter how big or small your company is, the concept of resource sharing is ideal for all.

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