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Except for GCC nationals, all other nationalities must obtain a UAE residence visa to legally live in the UAE. There are different types of residency visas for expats which suit different requirements. A residence visa will be requested for day-to-day necessities in life such as obtaining a bank account, renting / buying accommodation, registering your car, drivers license, etc.

Investor Residence Permit

For those who have established a company in Dubai and listed as an investor or partner in the company license qualify for a Residence Permit. By law all shareholders in the company are eligible for Residence Status (at times subject to shares value). Once your company is established, SBC can start to process your Residence Permit within 24 Hrs.

Duration of this visa is 3 years.

All residence permits are subject to a medical test which is to be redone upon every renewal. It is also mandatory in the Emirate of Dubai for every resident to maintain Health Insurance at the time of issuing and renewing their permits.

Dependant Residence Permit

For the sponsored resident to sponsor a husband/wife and children. Every resident of Dubai can sponsor their immediate family should they be the company owner or an employee. As long as certain requirements are met, you can sponsor your family swiftly upon completing your own residence status.

The duration of this visa will be the same as the person who is sponsoring the dependent.

Requirements to sponsor a dependent:

  • Minimum salary should be AED 3,000 if accommodation provided, or AED 4,000 if accommodation is not provided (for employees)
  • Shares value certifcate for the evidence of the value of the shares (for investors)
  • Attested marriage certificate and employment contract needs to be supplied in case of sponsoring spouse.
  • Attested Birth Certificate and employment contract is required in order to sponsor children.
  • Authenticated Tenancy Contract of sponsor’s residence along with the latest copy of DEWA (Electricity) bill

We take care of it all

That is right! Here at Serene, we will take care of the entire process and the paper work required to acquire the residence permits for you and your family. We will guide you through the entire process and advise what is needed at the time of filing the application and the approximate time lines of every step. 

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