• Online Visa & Work Permit Application Center

    Here at SBC we give you the functionality for submitting the visa applications online for parters, staff and dependants. 

    Below you can find the list of all visa types and their approx fees.  

    Below are the different types of dependent residence permit

    An investor or employee can sponsor their spouse if they meet certain criteria. For Employees, the minimum salary to sponsor spouse is AED 4,000. The sponsor must have a valid residence in Dubai with an Ejari Contract along with recent DEWA bill.

    An investor sponsoring the spouse must have a residence in Dubai with an Ejari or Title Deed (Home Ownership) under their name along with recent DEWA bill.

    Residence Permit for Children

    Residence permits on humanitarian grounds

    All the visa applications are subject to approval from the Ministry of Interior, UAE. At SBC we make sure every effort is made to speed up the visa application and reduce the turn around time. If you have any questions regarding this service, please email us at write@serenebusinesscenters.com. Alternately, you can call us any time at 800 – SETUP.